4 Easy Steps to Writing Your Testimony

Whether you’re new to faith or a seasoned Bible scholar, your personal story of following Jesus (your testimony) is one of the most powerful ways to share your faith. You don’t need to be an eloquent preacher with a pulpit or a famous evangelist with a crazy story. Simply sharing how Jesus changed your life can be the catalyst to seeing others changed by Him.

A good testimony highlights 3 things:

  • WHAT your life was like before following Jesus

Attempting to fit the many experiences and emotions of life into those 3 areas can be challenging. To simplify the process we recommend defining a STATEMENT and a STORY for each of these points.

4 Easy Steps to Writing Your Testimony

1. But First, Pray

It may seem obvious, but the truth is, we often forget to pray. Take a moment to pause and ask the Holy Spirit, “What aspects of my life and story do you want me to share?” Chances are, you already have an idea about what you want to write but take the time to ask Him first.

2. Describe Life Before Following Jesus

Jesus gives us identity and purpose. Life without Jesus is void of true identity and purpose. Many of our emotions and actions come from this void of unsatisfied inner desires. What were one or two of your unsatisfied inner desires before you came to know Jesus? (Needed Validation. Felt no-one loved you etc.)

“Before following Jesus…”

  • Statement: Define a statement which summarises WHAT your life was like before you decided to follow Jesus. Be sure to include your unsatisfied inner desires.

3. Describe Why You Decided To Follow Jesus

Jesus can mean many things to different people. To some Jesus is Lord, to some He is a liar and to others He is a lunatic. Sharing who Jesus is to you and why you decided to follow Him is powerful.

“I decided to follow Jesus…

  • Statement: Define a statement which summarises WHY you decided to follow Jesus.

4. Describe Life After Following Jesus

Jesus changes us. He restores us into right relationship with God. He takes us from death to life, from lost to found and He gives us true identity and purpose. He fulfils our unsatisfied inner desires allowing us to live full lives. How has He impacted the way you live, feel and think?

“Since following Jesus…

  • Statement: Define a statement which summarises HOW your life has changed since following Jesus. Be sure to includes the fulfilment of your unsatisfied inner desires.

Now all you need to do it write it! Once you have finished writing it, share it! Practise makes perfect. Here are 5 tips to help you as you share…

  • Be current — Share what is Jesus is doing in your life now, today. You are changed and changing still. Tell of the past, current and ongoing change.

Give yourself some grace, have fun and begin to get comfy with your story. We believe in you and the Holy Spirit is with you! Get out there and give it a go.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” — 1 Peter 3:15



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