6 Things That Stop You from Caring about People?

Life is a mere breath in the lungs of eternal existence and it is the choices we make in this short breath that define our eternity.

  1. Comfort — We believe comfort is king, when really, comfort is a lie.
  2. Entitlement — We hold our best interest above the needs of others.
  3. Apathy — We are desensitised to need and have lost a sense or urgency.
  4. Money — We believe that without money you can’t bring change.
  5. Time — We think we are busier than they actually are.
  6. Yourself — We forget that we live with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Justifying our complacency doesn’t remove the urgency of the need for Jesus in society, it just adds to it.

The truth is, the answer to combating complacency towards others is to fall back in love with Jesus.

Society tells us to try harder, but Jesus doesn’t tell us to try, He tells us to trust. Our salvation isn’t a prison transfer it’s a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

  • Bible Reading — When I first fell in love with Christ, I couldn’t get enough of the bible. It was the perfect place for me to learn more about the nature and character of God. If you haven’t picked up the Bible in a while. Open it up and read through the Gospels.
  • Community — Are you planted in a bible based church community? By planted I mean, do you attend regularly, serve and tithe? If not, start by working on these things. It is hard to love someone when you aren’t committed to what they are passionate about. This is a great place for encouragement, accountability, involvement, worship & biblical teaching. (Hebrews 10:25).
  • Communion — Eat often with Godly friends who challenge you in your faith and take time together to remember what Christ has done for you on the cross and in you through salvation (Matthew 26:26–29).
  • Prayer — There is great power in prayer. It is a dialogue between you and God, not a monologue. Part of prayer is listening to God. Ask God to forgive you for your complacency and ask Him to help you stay the course.



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